A course study in environmental style, E.S.2020 is an advanced guest lecture -the A to Z of fashion and environmental change. Brought to you by Holding Court. 


What you don’t know can hurt you. Information is power. E.S.2020 lays the groundwork on how to change the environmental impact of your clothing. From where it’s made, to what it’s made of - to know is to act. E.S.2020 provides science-based facts to transform the way you build your closet.


Action is stronger than words. But words tell the story. E.S.2020 is brought to you by inspiring individuals and groups who live and work in fashion; The United Nations Association, artists, entrepreneurs, activists and more. From experience in the field, our ambassadors and instructors bring a personal prospective to each classroom - be it the lecture hall or the lunch hall - sustainable fashion is narrowed to focus. 


Pulled from over 250 data-bases, each fabric is categorized by its environmental and human impact. What happens next is up to you. We have a few ideas on what to do.


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